This year sees the Masonic Samaritan Fund (MSF) launch a new funding programme.

Provincial Grand Almoners are now able to approve funding for initial consultations and the provision of certain low cost medical aids and equipment from MSF funds. 

 In the past if applicants were faced with a lengthy wait for an initial appointment with an NHS consultant they could approach their Lodge or Province to request financial assistance to cover these costs.  Similarly, they could request support to obtain certain aids and equipment not readily available via the NHS, Social Care or local charities.

MSF will now cover many of these costs, leaving local monies available to provide support in other ways.

This funding programme is only for those who are unable to bear these costs themselves, either because they are only in receipt of state benefits or face significant financial hardship. All applications must be approved by the Provincial Grand  Almoner before any consultation or equipment is paid for. Information and guidelines are available from the Provincial Grand Almoner and the Provincial Office