It is one month since the major flooding in Pakistan began and the President of the Grand Charity has approved a further emergency grant of £25,000 to the Red Cross, bringing the total donated to £50,000.The situation has worsened with over 17 million people being affected and thousands of people dead and injured. More than 1.2 million homes have been damaged or destroyed in the worst floods in Pakistan's history.

The decision was taken to fund the Red Cross due to their current presence in Pakistan and infrastructure capabilities, allowing them to provide immediate aid and assistance.

The Freemasons' Grand Charity had been one of the first organisations to issue an immediate £25,000 to the British Red Cross Pakistan Flood Appeal - one of the largest initial pledges the Red Cross received within the first 24 hours of opening the Appeal.

These funds will help to provide:

Hygiene kits and sanitation facilities to stem the spread of preventable diseases.

Safe drinking water to flood-affected families.

If you have any questions please contact Siobhan McCarthy on 020 7395 9385 or visit the following sites: