Queensland, Australia has been severely affected by flooding with an estimated 200,000 people suffering as a direct result of the floods. Hundreds of homes and businesses have been evacuated and the State Treasurer has stated the cost of rebuilding is estimated at billions of dollars.

In response to this unprecedented disaster, the President of the Grand Charity has approved an emergency grant of £20,000 to the Grand Lodge of Queensland's "GRAND MASTER'S QUEENSLAND FLOOD APPEAL", which is to assist the wider community.


If anyone wishes to make their own donation towards helping the people affected, the Council is happy to receive donations to its Disasters Relief Chest, for onward transmission to suitable projects as part of a coordinated Masonic response.

Donations via the Council's Disasters Relief Chest can be sent by cheque payable to "The Freemasons' Grand Charity" to: Relief Chest Scheme, 60 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ, stating that they are to be paid into the Disasters Relief Chest E0129. Gift Aid donation forms are available on the Grand Charity's website or by contacting the Relief Chest office on 020 7395 9246.

For donations via credit card, please visit the donation page of the Grand Charity's website or contact the Relief Chest office.

For further information on making a donation to the Disasters Relief Chest please contact the Relief Chest department on 020 7395 9246.