Masonic Charity

The three principles of Freemasonry are

  1. Brotherly Love
  2. Relief
  3. Truth

As such, all masons are encouraged to give, within their means and without detriment to themselves and their families, to masonic charities. We do this in a variety of ways but at no time do we ask the general public for money. Usually there is an "Alms" collection during or after a meeting and often we hold a raffle at the after proceedings. In recent years Hamtun Lodge has supported the following non-masonic causes:

  1. Alzheimers Association
  2. Royal Marsden Hospital
  3. Children's Hospital
  4. Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff
  5. Faith and Football, Wildern School
  6. Enterprise Challenge 08
  7. RN Lifeboat Institution
  8. Naomi House
  9. Help for Heroes
  10. The Cleft Lip and Palate Association

There is a very useful article on charitable giving on the Provincial website.

The 2027 Festival

As well as non-masonic charities, there is a central Masonic Charity that we support: the Masonic Charitable Foundation, or MCF for short. Thischarity require substantial income to cover its large expenditure and, in addition to other sources, such as investment income, a high proportion of their annual income comes each year from one of the 47 Provinces; that is, from the results of an extended period of charitable giving by the Province‚Äôs brethren, called a Festival, over anything from 5 to 7 years.

Our current Festival is for approximately 6 years and culminates in 2027. If you wiish to find out more of this festival please visit the Provincial Festival Website.