Queensland, Australia has been severely affected by flooding with an estimated 200,000 people suffering as a direct result of the floods. Hundreds of homes and businesses have been evacuated and the State Treasurer has stated the cost of rebuilding is estimated at billions of dollars.

In response to this unprecedented disaster, the President of the Grand Charity has approved an emergency grant of £20,000 to the Grand Lodge of Queensland's "GRAND MASTER'S QUEENSLAND FLOOD APPEAL", which is to assist the wider community.

The President of the Grand Charity has approved a donation of £5,000 following the extreme flooding which took place in Cornwall last month.  

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 The Freemasons' Grand Charity, 60 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5AZ 
The Freemasons' Grand Charity is the working name of The Grand Charity, Registered Charity No. 281942
The Freemasons' Grand Charity has donated £25,000 to the British Red Cross, funding supplies to combat the cholera epidemic that is taking hold in Haiti.

Following January's devastating earthquake, over a million people in Haiti have been living in make-shift camps. It is these difficult living conditions which have resulted in the first cholera outbreak in Haiti in over a hundred years, due to a lack of decent sanitation facilities and access to clean drinking water.

It is one month since the major flooding in Pakistan began and the President of the Grand Charity has approved a further emergency grant of £25,000 to the Red Cross, bringing the total donated to £50,000.The situation has worsened with over 17 million people being affected and thousands of people dead and injured. More than 1.2 million homes have been damaged or destroyed in the worst floods in Pakistan's history.

A Cheque for £20,000 is going to the children's charity, Lifelites, courtesy of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Freemasons.

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